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Below you can follow our story since 1920

We are MNO Vervat Curaçao!

Founded in 1920 and present in Curaçao since 1986. Below you can also find an overview of our history.


Our company is built on 4 pillars:

  • Infrastructure

  • Civil & Building Construction

  • Energy, Data & Water

  • Industrial Construction


Our most important assets are our Human Capital in the form of our well-diversified and experienced team, our top of the line equipment and our elaborate portfolio of successfully completed projects.

We execute projects from A to Z, and we innovate, design, construct,  maintain and incorporate sustainability in our business practices. No matter the size of your project, nothing is impossible.

We are MNO Vervat Curaçao.
We are your partner in Infrastructure and construction and together with you we look forward to developing Curaçao.


MNO Vervat Curaçao, Desaroyando Korsou Huntu Ku’bo!

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